Concerns and questions about Ordinance Enforcement:  Contact Supervisor & Ordinance Officer, Bill Redmer (608) 449-4699 & Ben Snare (608) 535-2830


1991-1    Ordinance Designating All Town Highways as Class "B" Highways

1991-2    Ordinance Regulating Transient Merchants

1992-1    Ordinance Prohibiting the Storage of Non-registered or Abandoned Vehicles

1992-2    Ordinance Regulating the Use and Operation of Snowmobiles and All Terrain Vehicles

1993-1    Heath, Sanitation and Property Maintenance Ordinance

1994-1    Solid Waste, Composting, and Mandatory Recycling Ordinance

1994-5    Ordinance Controlling Dogs

1995       Ordinance to Regulate Heavy Traffic on Plymouth Church Road

1996-1    Ordinance Regulating Burning

2000       Annexation Ordinance

2001-1    Ordinance Designating Stop Signs at All Railroad Crossings

2003       Speed Limits Ordinance

2005-1    Ordinance of Town Board to Adopt a Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan

2009-01  Ordinance Creating the Position of Ordinance Officer

2010-01  Ordinance Establishing Fee For Operator's License

2011-01  Ordinance Regulating Dog Kennels

2011-02  Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2011-01 Regulating Dog Kennels

2011-03  Ordinance Establishing Fees For Class "B" Alcohol-Related Licenses

2012-02  Ordinance for Alternative Claims Procedure

2012-03  Ordinance to Extend Town Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Changes

2012-04  Ordinance Providing For the Coordination of Certain Land Use and Land Division Regulations and to Permit Delegation of Portions of the Town's Powers Thereunder to the Rock County Planning, Economic and Community Development Agencies

2013-01  Ordinance to Repeal the Town of Plymouth Ordinance No. 2003-1 Creating Fire District Response Fee

2013-02  Ordinance Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions

2013-03  Ordinance Replacing Town of Plymouth Ordinance 1992-3 and Adopting a Building Code for All Buildings in the Town of Plymouth

2013-04  Ordinance Setting Fees for Building Permits and Inspections

2014-01  Ordinance Regulating Driveways in the Town of Plymouth

2014-04  Ordinance Appointing Alternate Members to Serve on Board of Review

2014-05  Ordinance Relating to Confidentiality of Income and Expenses Provided to Assessor for Assessment Purposes

2015        Zoning Ordinance

2015-02  Ordinance to Adopt a Total Opt Out of Any Length and Weight Limits for All IOHs

2015-03  Ordinance Designating Snowmobile Routes Within the Town of Plymouth

2016-01  Ordinance to Permit and Regulate Cemeteries

2017-01  Ordinance Repealing Town of Plymouth Ordinance No. 1995 Which Designated a Portion of Plymouth Church Road as a Heavy Traffic Route

2017-02  Ordinance Amending the Town of Plymouth's Ordinance 2013-04 and Establishing that Fees Required Under Town of Plymouth Building Code, Ordinance 2013-03 be Established by Resolution

2017-03 Ordinance Affirming and Amending in Part Town of Plymouth Ordinance 1993-1, Referred to as the Town Nuisance Ordinance

2017-04 Ordinance to Amend the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Plymouth by Adding Permitted Uses to the Agricultural One (A-1), Agricultural Two (A-2), and Agricultural Three (A-3) Zoning Districts and by Revising the Definition of a Farm

2018-01  Amendment to Zoning Ordinance

2018-02 Ordinance for Exemption From Treasurer's Bond

2018-03 Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance

2018-04 Ordinance To Adopt Wisconsin Municipal Record Schedule

2019-01 Ordinance To Authorize A Snow Emergency

2020-01 Ordinance To Adopt Wisconsin Electrical Code

2020-02 Ordinance Amending and Restating Ordinance No. 1996-1, Referred to as Ordinance Regulating Burning in the Town of Plymouth

2020-03 Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance (Height Requirements)

2021-01 Ordinance ATV-UTV-Snowmobile Routes

2022-01 Reducing Speed Limit - Footville Hanover and Hanover Roads

2022-02 Clerk and Treasurer to Appointed

2022-03 Poll Workers Split Shifts

2023-1 Solar Ordinance

2024-01 Alternate Board of Review Member Members